Gunsmithing and Repairs in Detroit

gun repairs

If you have a firearm that’s in need of upgrading or troubleshooting, we can help! We offer gunsmithing services for most modern guns including many out of production models. All of our services are performed by our experienced gunsmith.

Our gunsmith has been employed at our store for over 35 years providing exceptional service working on handguns, rifles and shotguns in Detroit, MI. If you’re looking to upgrade your firearm or if it is malfunctioning, let us provide you with the repairs necessary to ensure its safe functionality once again.

Here are just a few of the gunsmithing and repair services we provide;

  • Troubleshooting
  • General Repair
  • AR & Tactical Firearm Services
  • Black Power Firearm Services
  • Gun Cleaning and Function Check
  • Sight Work
  • Scope Mounting

Visit Us at 29465 6 Mile Rd Livonia, MI 48152

Gun Cleaning & Inspection

Here at Shooters we offer gun cleaning and inspection services. We’ve got the experience and products necessary to give your gun a thorough cleaning and inspection.

We’ll clean the bore and internals of your firearm and all necessary functioning components ensuring its safe function and proper operation.

Sight Work

If you’re looking to replace your factory sights with an upgrade, we can help! Our experienced gunsmith can install sight upgrades on your handgun or rifle customizing your firearm to your needs.

scope mountingScope Mounting

We pride ourselves in quality scope work. We’ll mount the necessary scope bases and rings to ensure proper placement of your optic on the gun.

Your scope will be mounted with the proper positioning and eye-relief as well as bore sighted to “get you on the paper” at the range.

Trigger Work

If you’re interested in a trigger job whether it be a handgun or rifle, our experienced gunsmith will utilize the proper tools to get your trigger pull where you need it for better feel and increased accuracy.

We pride ourselves in our reputation among area shooters in and around the Detroit, MI area for quality trigger work.

For information about anything in our inventory or to inquire about accessories you might be looking for, give us a call at 734-525-1130.