FFL Transfers

Under federal law, FFL transfers are a required part of the process whenever moving firearms across state lines. If you’re in the market to purchase a firearm and bring it into Livonia, MI, come to Shooters Service for affordable, expedient FFL transfers. Whether inbound or outbound, we’ll ensure your gun transfer meets all state and federal transfer regulations and ordinances.


Types of Gun Transfers

We’re capable of handling all types of inbound and outbound FFL transfers. Please consult with us before initiating a transfer, so we can prepare accordingly.

  • Purchasing from an FFL (Inbound)
  • Purchasing from a private party (Inbound)
  • Shipping your firearm (Outbound)

Please consult with our staff about the nature of your gun transfer, including the type of firearm, the origin or destination, and any other pertinent details that may be relevant to the transfer.


All FFL transfers require a valid Michigan State ID car, Michigan driver’s license or other form of picture ID issued by a government agency. Identification must include the transferee’s name, current address and date of birth. For additional information on acceptable forms of identification, please see the ATF website.

As of 2020, all firearm purchasers must also pass a federal background check (NICS). Please note that a Michigan CPL is no longer an exemption for NICS background checks. All firearm transferees must pass a background check, even if you hold a valid Michigan CPL.

Shooters Service reserves the right to refuse any transfer for any reason.

Swift and Simple FFL Transfers

If you need to move a firearm over state lines—whether as a purchase or sale—Shooters Service is ready to assist you with a by-the-book FFL transfer. Stop in today to discuss your transfer or give us a call at 734-525-1130 to learn more about the requirements to ensure a smooth, legal transfer to or from Livonia, MI.