Shooters Service

45 ACP Ammo

Hornady Critical Defense Rounds

Sellier & Bellot, Pistol, 45ACP, 230 Grain, Full Metal Jacket, 50 Round Box

Hornady Critical Duty Ammo

PMC Ammunition .45 ACP Bronze Full Metal Jacket, 230 Grain, 830 fps, 50 Round Box, 45A

Sig Sauer Elite Ammo

Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense .45 ACP +P 78 Grain

Ruger, LCP Ruger Lady Lila

Hornady 45ACP +P 220 Grain Critical Duty 20 Per Box

SIG Elite Performance 9mm ammo

Fiocchi Pistol Shooting 45 ACP Jacketed Hollow Point 230 GR 50Box

Hornady Critical Duty Ammunition

Federal Premium Personal Defense Pistol Ammo, 45 ACP, Hydra-Shok JHP, 230 Gr, 20 Rounds

Hornady Critical Defense, 9MM

Hornady Critical Defense 45 ACP Critical Defense 185 GR 20Box

Ruger, Security-380

Remington UMC 45 ACP 230 Grain Full Metal Jacket 50 Round Box

Federal, Gold Medal, 9MM

Winchester Ammunition Super-X 45LC 255 Grain Lead Round Nose 20 Round Box X45CP2

Smith & Wesson

Winchester Ammo USA 45 ACP Full Metal Jacket 230 GR 100Box

Smith & Wesson, M&P380

Hornady 9115 Cowboy 45 Colt Cowboy 255 GR 20Box/10Case

Sig Sauer E9MMA3COMP50

Armscor, Centerfire Handgun, 45 ACP, 230 Grain, Full Metal Jacket, 100 Round Box

Smith & Wesson, Shield M2.0 M&P380

Winchester Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1 45 ACP, 230 GR 20Box

Ruger, LCP MAX,


Federal S9SJT1 Syntech Defense 9mm

Federal P45HSD1 Premium Personal Defense 45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) 210 GR Hydra-Shok Deep Hollow Point (HSHK HP) 20 Round Box

Smith & Wesson, Shield M2.0 M&P380

Sierra, Sports Master Handgun, 45 ACP, 185 Grain, Jacketed Hollow Point 20 Round Box

Ruger, LCP MAX,

Prvi Partizan, Handgun Defense, 45 ACP, 185Grain, Jacketed Hollow Point, 50 Round Box

Ruger TALO

Sig Sauer E45AP2-20 V-Crown JHP 45 ACP 230 GR JHP 20Box/10Case

About this Process

Nestled in the heart of Hersey, Michigan, Shooter’s Services stands as a beacon for firearms enthusiasts, offering an impressive array of .45 ACP ammunition to cater to both the discerning marksman and the recreational shooter alike. Their shelves boast a meticulously curated selection from the industry’s leading manufacturers, ensuring that each bullet is a promise of reliability and performance.

At Shooter’s Services, the .45 ACP aficionado is spoilt for choice. From full metal jacket rounds that promise a seamless day at the range, to the hollow points designed for unparalleled stopping power, their inventory is a testament to the store’s commitment to variety and quality. Each brand in their extensive selection is renowned for its precision engineering, providing shooters with the consistency they need to hit their mark every time.

Whether you’re fine-tuning your accuracy or preparing for a competition, Shooter’s Services is your go-to destination. Their knowledgeable staff are always on hand to guide you through their wide selection, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your firearm and shooting style. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a passion for the sport, Shooter’s Services is more than just a store—it’s a cornerstone of the Hersey shooting community.

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Shooters Service

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